6 Common Foot Problems and Their Remedies

Do you have bunions? Is that an ingrown toenail? Want to get rid of your athlete’s foot? Here are some of the most common foot problems and how to recognize and treat them.


Have you noticed a bony bump on your big toe’s base? That’s probably a bunion. When the toe bones are thrown out of alignment, it causes the big toe to deviate in a direction toward the others. When coupled with arthritis, the characteristic toe bump can also be very painful. To soothe the discomfort, doctors recommend pain relievers, shoe inserts, cushion pads or surgery.

Corns and Calluses

Recurring friction on the skin surfaces of the feet can lead to the formation of thick and hardened patches of skin; these are corns and calluses. These foot problems are generally triggered by ill-fitting shoes; when the friction stops, corns and calluses will gradually fade away. Trimming or surgically correcting corns and calluses will do the trick, too.


With gout, the patient will experience sudden pain, swelling or stiffness in the big toe. This is triggered when there is too much uric acid in the body. This form of arthritis is treatable with anti-inflammatories or medications that lower uric acid levels.

Plantar Warts

When virus enters through the broken skin on the soles of your feet, it results in plantar warts. This is usually spread in public showers or pools. Though generally harmless, this foot problem can become painful if left untreated. The use of topical salicylic acid is highly recommended to get rid of plantar warts. For serious cases, burning, laser therapy and surgery are the more aggressive solutions.

Athlete's Foot

Itching, redness, scaly skin and peeling – these are the common telltale signs of an athlete’s foot. While this fungal infection problem is mildly contagious, it can be passed from one person to another by walking barefoot in locker rooms and public showers or through direct contact. To remedy this foot condition, topical antifungal creams and lotions are usually recommended.



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