Why Do My Legs Become Sore for No Apparent Reason?

Normally, strenuous physical activities like walking or running for long distances cause strain on our leg muscles. It is only natural that we feel soreness. However, there are times when our legs become sore even if we don’t engage in too much physical activity.

Our legs carry the most weight. That is why most strained muscles are in our legs. Case in point: Look at overweight people. Notice how most of them experience strain and stress on their lower extremities. In fact, even an act as simple as standing can cause their leg muscles to tire out because of the weight they are carrying.

Another cause of leg soreness is poor blood circulation in the lower extremities. This is usually accompanied by “pins and needles.” People who adopt a sedentary lifestyle are most prone to leg soreness. Sitting in a bad position can also lead to thigh and/or leg soreness. Ill-fitting shoes are also responsible for this condition.

There is also a condition known as delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS). This usually happens several hours long your workout, exercise or any strenuous physical activity.



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