Foot Exercises for People with Flatfeet

Having flatfeet is a condition known as pes planus. You can tell if you are flatfooted. Try putting your bare foot on a flat surface. If your foot bends naturally at its arch, that’s normal. However, if the arch of your foot collapses and touches the flat surface, you may be flatfooted.

The flatfeet condition is not really a debilitating disorder. However, there are instances where flatfeet cause discomfort when running, walking or simply standing for long periods. To correct this condition, there are exercises that you can try to help rebuild the arches of your feet.

Pick Me Up: Place objects, say cotton balls, on the floor. Using your foot, pick up the items and drop them into a container, such as a basket. Doing this helps flex the muscles of your foot.

Tips for the Toe: The object of this exercise is to tiptoe, which is walking on the toes and balls of your feet. Tiptoeing helps build the curves and arches of our feet.

Toe Curl-Up: Sit or lie down with your feet lifted off the floor. Curl your toes upward then release. Repeat this until you feel some pressure on your feet.

You can also engage in running or walking exercises designed to correct flatfeet. To start off, pick out shoes or footwear that are designed and best-suited for flatfeet. Look for shoes that offer good support and comfort. Before performing these exercises, you might want to consult an expert.



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