What Causes Metatarsal Pain?

The metatarsal is thbaall of your foot, where the five bones between your ankle and toes converge. This is serves an important function of sharing the weight when you walk, run or stand. Being the most used part of the foot, it is the most vulnerable to problems.

Athletes are prone to metatarsal pain, particularly those who do a lot of running. Experts agree that one of the common causes is improper walking, running or ill positioning of the feet. Putting too much pressure on your metatarsals can result in pain. Another common reason for metatarsal pain is wearing ill-fitting shoes.

Metatarsal pain may also result from these following causes:

Metatarsalgia: This occurs when the metatarsal nerves become inflamed. One of the prominent symptoms is sharp and tingling pain in the ball of your foot. Also, people will experience severe pain when walking or standing if they have this condition.

Arthritis: This is common among people 40 years and older. It is characterized by sharp sensations due to inflammation of the joints. Metatarsal pain is one of the symptoms of arthritis.

Diabetes: This disease opens the floodgates for many disorders. One of them is metatarsal pain, which is caused by poor blood circulation in the feet.

Osteoarthritis: One of the signs of aging is the breaking down of bone and joint cartilage. Accordingly, this disorder is common among the elderly and is characterized by pain and discomfort when moving the joints, especially after long periods of rest.



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