Top 5 Shoes Not to Wear to Avoid Foot Problems

Ever wanted to slip into your ultra-high heels but just couldn’t stand the pain? Doctors from the American Podiatric Medical Association call it shoe-icide. These ultra-high heels, notwithstanding their elegant and sophisticated look, can trigger chronic foot pain and ankle sprains. To elevate the heel is an unnatural foot position; it places more stress on the ball of the foot. Pressure is also placed on the long metatarsal bones and toe bones, causing inflammation. The solution is to switch to lower heels to achieve a more natural foot position and avoid these problems.

Did you know ballet flats can cause plantar fasciitis? The poor arch support and the lack of overall buttress on the feet prevent it from functioning optimally, leading to back, hip and knee problems. If you love ballet flats so much, you can use orthotic inserts to provide extra cushioning for your heels. These inserts can minimize the stress on the affected areas as well as provide the needed arch support.

Flip-flops are the ultimate summer shoes. But despite its cool comfort, wearing them can place you at risk of getting injured or getting splinters because your feet are exposed. For people suffering from diabetes, wearing flip-flops is highly discouraged because a simple cut or bruise on their feet can lead to grave consequences. What’s more, flip-flops don’t provide arch support and will only aggravate foot problems like plantar fasciitis. The solution is to look for “fitted” flip-flops that have really good support.

Want to wear platform shoes? Unfortunately, these shoes can throw off the way you walk. Because of their rigid sole, they prevents your foot from bending in a certain way and impede your natural walking motion.

Shoes with pointy toes may look cute but they can cause nerve pain, blisters, hammertoes and bunions. The squeezing pressure on the front of the foot can also cause bruising under the toenails. The solution is to wear wide-toe, boxier shoes.



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